Phantom Screens by Atlantic Trading Company

Serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

The Passion of Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens has done what few businesses have been able to do, and that’s create an entire industry.

The concept of a Phantom Screen, being a retractable screen that remains hidden when not in use, was a revolutionary concept in 1990. It allows the beauty of the outdoors to be seen even with the door or window closed, as the screen remains hidden. When the door or window is open, the screen then allows the cool breeze in, while keeping bugs and solar glare out.

Simple, but revolutionary!

Garrett Howell of the Atlantic Trading Company was so impressed with this revolutionary product, that he acquired the distributorship for a large region of the BC area, and was able to install over 40,000 screens to date. Over 50% of his current business comes from referrals and repeat customers, adding to the credibility of this product and it’s unique benefits in a home.

There are now over 50 different “retractable screen” companies in the world, an industry created by Phantom Screens. Though flattered by so many imitators, they have never been able to improve upon or top the Phantom Screens quality or durability. A Phantom Screens product can last for 10 - 15 years when properly maintained, and in most cases it’s only the mesh that needs replacing at that time.

It’s time for a Phantom Screens retractable screen for your door, window or large opening, for you to enjoy the benefits only a Phantom Screen can bring. Contact us at {site_phone} or Request a Quote at the right of this page.